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Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition

$999.00 USD

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The Noitom Hi5 VR Glove is a wireless VR glove that brings all your intuitive gestures into virtual reality with lightning fast response, pinpoint accuracy and plug-and-play convenience. Our nine-axis, IMU sensors transport your hands directly into the virtual experience. With programmable haptic feedback, SDK’s for both Unity and Unreal, and compatibility with the VIVE™ tracker and controller, Hi5 VR Glove Business Edition provides you with key solutions to fully immerse your customers in VR for games, exhibitions, educational experiences, and training simulations.

Commercial Licensing

Business Edition purchasers can use Noitom Hi5 VR Glove for commercial purposes. Click Here to read the terms on “Commercial License” for details.

In The Box

  • Left and Right Glove Base
  • Dongle


Sensor 9-DOF IMU for each glove (Ultra-low hysteresis);
IMU*7/ glove
Accuracy Roll/pitch accuracy (dynamics): 1.0° (RMS);
Heading accuracy: 2.0° (RMS); Resolution: 0.1
Battery Life >3 hours continuous working time on a full charge (1AA battery 2100mAh); Replaceable AA battery (1 battery for each glove; battery not included); low battery alert
Supply Voltage 1.1-1.5VDC with one AA battery for each Glove;
5.0VDC for dongle (USB 2.0)
Latency <5ms (from motion to SDK, under clean RF conditions)
Output Data Rate 180Hz
Communication Wireless communication (between Gloves and Dongle); 2.4Ghz radio frequency (private protocol)
RF Performance RF working area: 5m*5m; Supports multiple users (up to 6) in the same field simultaneously (automatic channel-switching to avoid RF interface)
Vibration Feedback 1 Programmable vibrator on each glove’s wrist
Textile Antibacterial, breathable elastic textile
Weight 105g/Glove
SDK Unity SDK, Unreal SDK and sample scenes for both engines

*Due to sustainable materials, some color fading may occur.