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In the News

Leading motion capture technology company, Noitom, have announced that their Business Edition of the Hi5 VR Glove, designed to bring real-world hand interactions into virtual reality (VR) is available to order.
Noitom today announced that the Hi5 VR Gloves Business Edition is now available to order. The kit includes two gloves with full finger tracking.
VR input gloves are getting a big boost thanks to HTC’s newly revealed Vive Tracker. The combination of Noitom’s Hi5 VR glove and the Tracker forms a surprisingly compelling input experience that adds finger-level fidelity to Vive experiences.
Use both hands (and yes, all ten fingers) with HTC Vive’s VR headset and wrist-mounted Vive Tracker (which provides a wireless connection between tools and the Vive system), Noitom's Hi5 VR Glove (a set of two) and IMU sensor technology inside a virtual environment to make it all happen.