Unity Interaction SDK | Hi5 VR Glove

Unity Interaction SDK

Unity Interaction SDK Changelog

  • Reduce predefined layers from 14 to 7.
  • Use default fixed timestep setting.
  • Support collider assembly.
  • Support slope.
  • Remove object's static/moving rotation limitation.
  • Gesture Recognition (4): include Okay, Flat Palm, Fist and Pointing (index finger) gestures.
  • New interface to control the interaciton (pinch, clap, lift) between any glove and all objects.
  • New interface to enable/disable object's rotation constraints.

  1. The Hi5 Interaction SDK supports the interactions between hands and objects. Currently the functions include grabbing, pinching, releasing, throwing, lifting, poking, hand pressing and exchanging objects. More functionality will be added in future versions.
  2. For the sample scenes:
    1. The default scene is TableScene as interaction sample scene;
    2. Press "2" to enter the Calibration scene;
    3. Press "1" to switch back to the TableScene.